Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sick days

So for the past two days, I have been dying in bed. Ok ok ok, not really dying, but feeling as tho I could possibly be dying. I have a horrible headache sneezing uncontrollably, like my head is about to pop off. So some how, I decided I was going to blog today. Meals have consisted of soup or sopita (a form of soup from my moms secret reciepe). I have had an amazing support group at home, thanks to my family.
Minus, my brother. Although, I love ugly. He really needs to let me sleep! Yesterday, was a mix of him barging into my room with my dog, waking me up in a very unpleasant manor. Then he continued to bellow from the top of his lungs where his charger is. 'Da heck?!?!?!? I have a Samsung, bro. Pestering sibling. Regardless of my rant, I love the bug lug.
Today, I'm still feeling "crappy", by I can breathe. I mean through one nostril, but "HEY" one is better than non. Also, I was a big girl and went to go get food, earlier today... That was an adventure, in itself. First, I get massively cut off by a Mercedes Benz, then there is a BMW, whose driver found it hilarious to drive at 15mph in a 35mph zone taking up both lanes.. Wow.. Smdh. Dear people who drive luxury cars and think you own the road, you dont own the road. The street is shared by all commuters and tax payers alike. Just because you had the ability to work hard to get your fancy car. We work hard to make our living as well. End rant.
   Now I finish my day with a little once upon a time and some Resurrection. This is where I leave you peeps.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oh dear...

   This week has been a little more than challenging. Last week worked a sweet amount of overtime! Today I am exhausted. However; im trying to do my best at keeping all you updated!
Oh dear! The hightlight of last week!! Here is the conversation:
Me: thank you for calling us, how my I help you?
Stranger: Im looking for a VGA to HDMI adapter. Do u have any?
*um.... at this point im wondering if he knows who he called... a company that specializes in electronics*
*really wanted to say no... but due to my job... I said yes.. this is were I gets interesting, please brace yourself.*
Me: Yes sir, we carry a plethora of them and the system shows they are available in our store.
Stranger: so I can go pick one up? *he begins to make a heavy breathing sound*
Me: yes sir, you can. Is there anything 8 can help you with?
Stranger: Yes, I want you to hold it in your hands. Tell me you have it in your hands.
Me: *feeling creeped out* sorry sir im not at the store so I cant run and grab it for you.
Stranger: I want you to tell me you have it in your hands. *as there is... um... what sounds like, hmmm.... you guys know that sound of two hands rubbing together with lotion... yeah...*
On that note I hung up! "I have an associate on the other line that can further assist you" *click*

Sunday, January 19, 2014


This week, I think has been a little better than the last! Sadly, some of the people I started with arent making the cut. Overall,  this week has been crazy! Dealt with a dislocated shoulder (not mine), a temperamental father and more hours at work! Keeping busy! This week was eventful.  I had a lady ask me how to look us up in the yellow pages. Keep in mind she called us. But that wasnt the problem. Her problem was where we were located in the yellow pages.

If she had to call a repair tech, what number should she call?

If shr couldn't find us, then how are we to help her?

Oh yes.... my week...

"Sorry to hear that mam,  let me transfer you to an associate that can further assist you."

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week one!

So, I have started on a new adventure! I left my 7 1/2 year job, to start over again.  I have worked with kids all my life, and this week, I often catch myself wondering what my kinders would say. I do miss those kids.... Now I find myself being entertained by what seems to needy people on the phone. Sometimes the requests are... well... interesting. To say the least. When I am on the phone with a man who wants to know, what types of moneys we hire, I cant help but smile and think of my kinders who walked around during p.e hoping that they would be monkeys.
I suppose its true. When you smile on the phone, people can hear your smile. Now, I was not laughing at this man, but his comment brought up a good memory to me. I was smiling at the memory my kinders had given me. Mind you, this customer is yelling at me for thinking his situation was hilarious. Oooooo the highs and the lows of this week.
    "Sorry to hear that sir,  let me transfer you to an associate that can further assist you."

Friday, May 10, 2013


Good evening y'all!! So i popped open my inbox and *poof* there it was! I am receiving my first ever VOXBOX!! I am super excited! I will have to let you all know how it goes! What I like and what I didn't like! Hopefully I love the items!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The start!

Well here it goes! I am totally new to the blogging world.  I decided to start this up because  I think it would be fun to share the things that make me smile. For instance, things like nail art, fashion, makeup and items on a budget. I totally hope this helps! I spend a good portion of my day on Pinterest. I hope that I can keep you entertained and amused! If you are wonderingwhy name my blog Smexy. Well let me enlighten you. I named it that because I am Mexican and throughout the years I have acquired a nick name with my friends. I have been labled Sexy Mexy and, well *tada* SMEXY!